Sunday, February 28, 2010

John, Hetzel St.

So Saturday of course was State Patty's day, and in my excursions I never thought I would see someone really Natty Nittany-worthy. But then I ran into John down by where else but Sharkies Bar and Bottle shop on Hetzel Street and the fashion photography Gods gave me a State Patty's blessing. Unfortunately I didn't have my good camera with me, but you shouldn't need too sharp of an image to see why I couldn't pass up photographing John. It's not only that he's god the all green look going on in a fashionable way, (rather than t-shirts and four leaf clover hats), but what I really liked about John's ensemble was the way his jacket fit him. Too many times around here do I see people with blazers and suit jackets poorly tailored or not tailored at all. All sartorialism aside though, John did State Patty's Day, and he did it big, and I respect him for it. Oh, and a little side note, when I told him who I was and asked to take his picture, the girl he was with enthusiastically informed me that indeed John's clothes were, "All high end stuff!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

State Patty's Day

The now infamous State Patty’s day is upon us, and people are flooding the stores downtown that did not agree to pull all State Patty’s merchandise. This has nothing to do with fashion, but in my opinion, long live State Patty’s day and let college kids have their fun!
To the administrators opposing it: think back to when you were in college. Did you want people raining on your parade? Of course not. No one gave you trouble about sneaking into Beaver Stadium after the National Championship and carrying a goal post across College Ave.!
But I’m really here to talk about State Patty’s Day fashion. The holiday has a lot to do with what people are wearing. Shops downtown have a bunch of different types of clothing with a few standard phrases, like the classic “Kiss Me I’m Drunk.”
My advice is to go all out! Wear the best of the best printed tees from People’s Nation and get to McLanahan’s before it’s too late to get your green shotglass necklace. The more green this Saturday, the better. Rock your green to show your passion for our famous Saturday in late February/early March. From socks to hats, wear that green.
Last year I wore the traditional green PSU shirt, but I’m hoping people to get more creative this year. My choice this year was a shirt from the Phyrst that’s on display at Ernie’s Steaks(Best Cheesesteaks in State College). If you have green slacks, please wear them. The goal is to stand out. (But not too much because of the increased police enforcement.)
Long live State Patty’s and going overboard with green.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

From The Desk Of Jay...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tolani, College Ave.

Tolani posted up outside one of my favorite downtown stores, Bare Foot
I passed Tolani on my way to class last week and couldn’t help but notice that not only did he look fly, but also that his swagger matched his ensemble. I was just telling one of my friends the other day that I love outfits that are “Murdered out”, a.k.a all black with a subtle touch of color or design somewhere. From the Chuck T’s to his black framed glasses, Tolani’s got this look down. I really dug his shirt though too. It matched perfectly and I really like the Burberry-esque black, red, and grey plaid. I’m a huge fan of ALL one color and then adding a hint of another, especially when the dominant color is black.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Maybe the writers for the GQ Eye starting reading the STATEtorialist?? I sure hope so, or maybe we actually do know what we're talking about!!! Check out this oddly familiar post on one of my favorite blogs.

Friday, February 19, 2010


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stay Warm, Look Sharp

The other day I was reading my favorite blog, The Sartorialist, and underneath a picture of someone walking through a blizzard in New York City, the author Scott Schuman exclaimed his disapproval of “The system” and how it kept him from being able to buy a pair of gloves. The system he is referring to is the one that makes everyone, specifically store owners, think that just because the holidays have ended, that spring has sprung (regardless what happens in Punxsutawney).

Clearly, if you look out your window, winter is still going strong, as it is in New York as well, and stores are in a spring fashion state of mind. Scott’s post got me thinking that while we’re still getting mounds of snow here in State College, my posts might as well still be winter fashion oriented, especially since stores like Harpers and Barefoot are putting their fall and winter stuff on sale right now.

Something that I never really thought about until recently is the uncomfortable, un-versatile accessory that is the dress sock. A lot of “nice” dress socks are not only thin and uncomfortable, but when the weather is the way it is now, you might as well not be wearing socks. So what do you do when it’s time for that career fair or summer internship interview? All you have to do is loosen up your wingtips a little bit and put on some wool socks.

Wool socks are great for the winter, and not just because they’ll keep you warm. Wool socks are made in a plethora of colors, so although it may take a while, I recommend trying to achieve a ROY G. BIV collection of wool socks. I’m a big fan of socks that don’t necessarily match anything except maybe your base tie color or pocket square if you’re wearing one. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the kind you double layer to go skiing, but a merino wool sock that are kind of the in-between, where winter sports levels with the summer commute. Also, for those winter interviews, something that I’m a huge fan of, and that will look great with the matching socks, is a wool tie. Even if you’re not wearing a suit, the colored wool sock will keep you warm and keep you looking sharp while it’s still snowing.

The Shoe Box on College Ave. currently has a 25% off sale on SmartWool socks. I don’t believe they have a huge color selection, but Grey, Brown, and Black are good colors to have to go with those winter suits. Luckily for us, State College stores haven’t completely fell into “the system” yet.

Wool socks come in tons of colors, keep you warm, and look great if you match it with the rest of your outfit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dongju, College Ave.

I ran into Dongju on College Ave. last week and couldn’t help but notice that grey peacoat. You see so many blacks and browns around (I’m guilty of conforming too) and it was nice to see something different. Then I looked down and noticed what I really loved about Dongju’s outfit; it was her shoes. I wish I could tell you what material they are, but what I loved about them is that they look so sturdy and classic. Most of all, why the shoes make her look is how she’s wearing them. For some reason a lot of dressier shoes look better without socks, and with the weather in the 20s that day, it took a lot of guts not to wear any socks. In the end it payed off for Dongju. She’s rocking them in the best way possible, and not to mention I really like the accent her green sweater gives to the peacoat. Lastly, check out the buttons on her peacoat below. I like trying to notice the little things that make people’s outfits look unique, and I didn’t even notice this until I cropped the photo. The eagle and shield emblem on the buttons are awesome.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check This Out

So I got a random friend request on Facebook today from someone I didn't know, and these are the ones that I usually ignore, but when I checked out his page and realized he was an artist, I decided I would check out some of his music. I went to his myspace and listened to two of his songs, "Never Met Her", and "Crashing Down." I have to tell you I really dug this dude's style. If you get a chance check out Moses Haughton Jr, or "Young Moses". I think you'll enjoy it. Here's a couple of links below.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's On Your Man-Station?

I am going to admit something in the second sentence of this post that most guys probably wouldn’t on just their third post for a widely-read blog at their college. The inspiration for me writing this very column today came from a movie, which I am now admitting that I’ve seen, and actually liked, called “P.S. I Love You.” Wayy back in ‘07 when my friend and I first saw this movie (on separate occasions), we developed a name for something we saw in the beginning of the movie. My friend, Mark, told me about how when he gets married he and his wife (like Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank did) will have separate dressers (see the picture below). Shortly after, I helped Mark re-arrange his room, and born was “The Man-Station,” a masculine alternative to some sort of giant jewelry box with drawers.

Whether you know it or not, in your dorm, apartment, house, bedroom, hole in the wall, or wherever it is that you sleep at night, you have a man-station, even if you don’t call it that. Its function lies between what you do after your morning shower and before you leave for the day. Having something like this is essential, because it’s your one stop before you go out the door. I promise you, the man-station is key because us guys aren’t as organized as most females with their jewelry boxes and color coded closets. Ever since I dedicated a dresser in my room to all these essential items, I have yet to lose my keys, my wallet, my cell phone, or any of the other items on it. If you don’t already have this separate, set-aside, organized station, my suggestion is to make one – it makes starting the day a lot easier. Here’s some typical things to start with.

  • The Classic Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone
  • Cologne
  • Glasses (if applicable)
  • Important miscellaneous items that you need for the next day
  • Picture of mom (just kidding, but if you tell her it’s there she’ll love it)

So the next time you lose forget your keys, can’t find your iPod, or are begging a professor to let you run home and grab that paper that you left at home, go home immediately, clear off a dresser, and fill it with the essentials. If you already have one, tell us…What’s on your man-station? Props to you if it’s as legit as Gerard’s here with a tie and belt hanger.

Gerard Butler's Man-Station in P.S. I Love You

Friday, February 5, 2010

Window Shop....And Then Go Online

Every time I pass by Harper’s men’s clothing store on College Ave., I look at the same item in the window, but never walk in and peruse the store, because from word of mouth I know there’s nothing in there that’s really affordable. Well I finally inquired about the price of the Lambswool Penn State “S” sweater that’s been in their window for as long as I can remember. Turns out it’s $158. Needless to say, us college kids are strapped for cash. And when I say strapped for cash, I mean the selling your plasma and working jobs we hate kind of strapped.

So what are the fashionistos and fashionistas of Happy Valley to do when it comes to looking good and saving money? One option is to raid your parents and grandparents closets for “vintage” clothing that no longer fits them. But another option is go go online and look for cheaper items that are pretty much the same. I started browsing the internet and came up with a similar “S” sweater for only $48 from Smart Turnout. Sure, the S is a little different, and you can’t get it in white, but it still gives off the same throwback vibe. Plus, when people ask you about it you can just say, “Yeah it was my dad’s back when he was an undergrad here at Penn State,” because we all know how sweet it is to have a legacy that passed down his or her favorite PSU memories to you. Check out the comparison below.

Here's Harpers' Lambswool "S" Sweater, $158

Here's an alternative from a great store, Smart Turnout $48

Buy It Here!

I know a lot of my friends that have passed by Harpers with me have always commented on the “S” sweater in the window, so I hope if you’re reading this and you’re the same way that this helped in some way shape or form. If nothing else, check out some of the other stuff that Smart Turnout has to offer. They’ve got some really cool watch straps, ties, belts, and a lot more that’s not too expensive.