Sunday, February 28, 2010

John, Hetzel St.

So Saturday of course was State Patty's day, and in my excursions I never thought I would see someone really Natty Nittany-worthy. But then I ran into John down by where else but Sharkies Bar and Bottle shop on Hetzel Street and the fashion photography Gods gave me a State Patty's blessing. Unfortunately I didn't have my good camera with me, but you shouldn't need too sharp of an image to see why I couldn't pass up photographing John. It's not only that he's god the all green look going on in a fashionable way, (rather than t-shirts and four leaf clover hats), but what I really liked about John's ensemble was the way his jacket fit him. Too many times around here do I see people with blazers and suit jackets poorly tailored or not tailored at all. All sartorialism aside though, John did State Patty's Day, and he did it big, and I respect him for it. Oh, and a little side note, when I told him who I was and asked to take his picture, the girl he was with enthusiastically informed me that indeed John's clothes were, "All high end stuff!"

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