Friday, February 5, 2010

Window Shop....And Then Go Online

Every time I pass by Harper’s men’s clothing store on College Ave., I look at the same item in the window, but never walk in and peruse the store, because from word of mouth I know there’s nothing in there that’s really affordable. Well I finally inquired about the price of the Lambswool Penn State “S” sweater that’s been in their window for as long as I can remember. Turns out it’s $158. Needless to say, us college kids are strapped for cash. And when I say strapped for cash, I mean the selling your plasma and working jobs we hate kind of strapped.

So what are the fashionistos and fashionistas of Happy Valley to do when it comes to looking good and saving money? One option is to raid your parents and grandparents closets for “vintage” clothing that no longer fits them. But another option is go go online and look for cheaper items that are pretty much the same. I started browsing the internet and came up with a similar “S” sweater for only $48 from Smart Turnout. Sure, the S is a little different, and you can’t get it in white, but it still gives off the same throwback vibe. Plus, when people ask you about it you can just say, “Yeah it was my dad’s back when he was an undergrad here at Penn State,” because we all know how sweet it is to have a legacy that passed down his or her favorite PSU memories to you. Check out the comparison below.

Here's Harpers' Lambswool "S" Sweater, $158

Here's an alternative from a great store, Smart Turnout $48

Buy It Here!

I know a lot of my friends that have passed by Harpers with me have always commented on the “S” sweater in the window, so I hope if you’re reading this and you’re the same way that this helped in some way shape or form. If nothing else, check out some of the other stuff that Smart Turnout has to offer. They’ve got some really cool watch straps, ties, belts, and a lot more that’s not too expensive.

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