Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stay Warm, Look Sharp

The other day I was reading my favorite blog, The Sartorialist, and underneath a picture of someone walking through a blizzard in New York City, the author Scott Schuman exclaimed his disapproval of “The system” and how it kept him from being able to buy a pair of gloves. The system he is referring to is the one that makes everyone, specifically store owners, think that just because the holidays have ended, that spring has sprung (regardless what happens in Punxsutawney).

Clearly, if you look out your window, winter is still going strong, as it is in New York as well, and stores are in a spring fashion state of mind. Scott’s post got me thinking that while we’re still getting mounds of snow here in State College, my posts might as well still be winter fashion oriented, especially since stores like Harpers and Barefoot are putting their fall and winter stuff on sale right now.

Something that I never really thought about until recently is the uncomfortable, un-versatile accessory that is the dress sock. A lot of “nice” dress socks are not only thin and uncomfortable, but when the weather is the way it is now, you might as well not be wearing socks. So what do you do when it’s time for that career fair or summer internship interview? All you have to do is loosen up your wingtips a little bit and put on some wool socks.

Wool socks are great for the winter, and not just because they’ll keep you warm. Wool socks are made in a plethora of colors, so although it may take a while, I recommend trying to achieve a ROY G. BIV collection of wool socks. I’m a big fan of socks that don’t necessarily match anything except maybe your base tie color or pocket square if you’re wearing one. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the kind you double layer to go skiing, but a merino wool sock that are kind of the in-between, where winter sports levels with the summer commute. Also, for those winter interviews, something that I’m a huge fan of, and that will look great with the matching socks, is a wool tie. Even if you’re not wearing a suit, the colored wool sock will keep you warm and keep you looking sharp while it’s still snowing.

The Shoe Box on College Ave. currently has a 25% off sale on SmartWool socks. I don’t believe they have a huge color selection, but Grey, Brown, and Black are good colors to have to go with those winter suits. Luckily for us, State College stores haven’t completely fell into “the system” yet.

Wool socks come in tons of colors, keep you warm, and look great if you match it with the rest of your outfit.

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