Friday, February 12, 2010

What's On Your Man-Station?

I am going to admit something in the second sentence of this post that most guys probably wouldn’t on just their third post for a widely-read blog at their college. The inspiration for me writing this very column today came from a movie, which I am now admitting that I’ve seen, and actually liked, called “P.S. I Love You.” Wayy back in ‘07 when my friend and I first saw this movie (on separate occasions), we developed a name for something we saw in the beginning of the movie. My friend, Mark, told me about how when he gets married he and his wife (like Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank did) will have separate dressers (see the picture below). Shortly after, I helped Mark re-arrange his room, and born was “The Man-Station,” a masculine alternative to some sort of giant jewelry box with drawers.

Whether you know it or not, in your dorm, apartment, house, bedroom, hole in the wall, or wherever it is that you sleep at night, you have a man-station, even if you don’t call it that. Its function lies between what you do after your morning shower and before you leave for the day. Having something like this is essential, because it’s your one stop before you go out the door. I promise you, the man-station is key because us guys aren’t as organized as most females with their jewelry boxes and color coded closets. Ever since I dedicated a dresser in my room to all these essential items, I have yet to lose my keys, my wallet, my cell phone, or any of the other items on it. If you don’t already have this separate, set-aside, organized station, my suggestion is to make one – it makes starting the day a lot easier. Here’s some typical things to start with.

  • The Classic Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone
  • Cologne
  • Glasses (if applicable)
  • Important miscellaneous items that you need for the next day
  • Picture of mom (just kidding, but if you tell her it’s there she’ll love it)

So the next time you lose forget your keys, can’t find your iPod, or are begging a professor to let you run home and grab that paper that you left at home, go home immediately, clear off a dresser, and fill it with the essentials. If you already have one, tell us…What’s on your man-station? Props to you if it’s as legit as Gerard’s here with a tie and belt hanger.

Gerard Butler's Man-Station in P.S. I Love You


Stephanie said...

I don't have a "Man-Station." I'm a woman. What kind of sexist fuck assumes all his readers are men? Though, I guess if this patriarchal perpetuation is consistent, I can see why that'd be a safe assumption.

Michael Donchez said...

First off, your language is not very lady-like, if you'd like to make a comment, please no-cursing, we request that of all our followers. Secondly, considering we are both men and we write about men's fashion, our articles would tend to lean more towards the male audience, dont'cha think? She has a woman-station right across from his! But to my point that we are both of the male variety, we though it safe to write about Gerard Butler's. Ben and I love women, and women's fashion, but please don't make attacks on our blog or us. We are not sexist, I will not even entertain that thought. I don't think women write into GQ asking for more women-oriented articles, do they? I thought you learned when you were little to look before crossing the street...well in this case, think before saying something stupid. Thank you. Come back soon!