Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What We've Been Talking About

What We've Been Talking About:
The J.Crew Timex Military Watch

We've been talking about watches a lot this year, and Mike and I both really have the same taste in watches. For a while, I never really was a watch guy, and only recently have I really gotten into it, and given that I had the funds I'd probably have about 10 by now. Unfortunately I have two, one being a vintage Timex that my grandfather gave me last year. I recently purchased a Michael Kors watch over the holidays too. Black leather strap, larger silver face, black dial, chronograph, pretty basic. Not until catching up with Mike after Christmas did I realize I should have gone a different route. The watch I bought it basic but kind of dressy, and isn't what I'd call a "go-to watch". I think I got a little excited and wanted to be Clooney in an Ocean's movie, but I digress. Mike told me about the watch he got and needless to say, that watch is what we've been talking about. This Timex military watch from J.Crew is the definition of a go-to watch. It's casual enough to wear with anything and appropriate for the workplace too. The best part of this watch, though, is that for 30 more dollars, you basically get 2 more watches. J.Crew sells this watch for $150, which is probably a little more than it should be. But they have a 2 for $30 deal on the bands, which come in tons of colors. Mike says, "I wear the black to work, and can do the navy and white striped one too, and then can get something like orange for the summer time." Our advice is just that. It comes in black which is basic, but spend 30 more dollars and pick up 2 more straps. Get something that matches the other half of your closet, like brown, navy or whatever, and then something that pushes the envelope a little. Personally I'd get some kind of green.


Michael Donchez said...

Just a note...

You can find some very similar Timex watch faces on eBay and elsewhere. Even brands other than Timex that have the "field watch" look are out there for much cheaper. So if you find one you like, get that for 30 bucks or so then spend that extra $ on bands! It's tough to drop cash on things like watches when we're in college, so going the less expensive way can still work out!

Anonymous said...

check out brooks brothers, eliza b, and smart turnout for cheap straps.