Saturday, January 2, 2010

What We've Been Talking About

Hey STATEtorialites,

So Mike and I have been having discussions about new stuff we could put on here, and one thing we decided to do for the fashion portion is to once a week, post a picture and a link of an item that he and I have been talking about, that we both like, or something we would suggest to buy (Even if we don't have it yet). This is similar to our post on the Clark's Desert Boot, which I have really been seeing quite frequently around town. (Must have been this years hot gift from Santa). Mike and I are always talking about something, and now since he's in Princeton, NJ doing a co-op, and I'll be in Happy Valley taking a rigorous schedule of 13 credits, including a ski class, and EGEE 101 online, all we have for the next semester is what we talk about over the phone when Mike is on his lunch break and I'm making my morning coffee. So here goes nothing; our first pick is something we've been talking about for a while, ever since I picked up a pair in a Bulgarian gypsy market.

What We've Been Talking About:
The Ray-Ban RB 4105 Folding Wayfarer in Tortoise Shell

It goes without saying that the wayfarer is back, and has been back for a while. Im hoping that soon, the "Sunglasses bigger than your face" look will completely dissolve, but more recently everyone from hipsters to rap moguls have been rocking some sort of wayfarer. We really like any type of tortoise shell sunglasses, but the wayfarer is what's hot, and is our top pick. Now, I know as you read this it's January 2nd, and the tortoise shell look is more for the summer (They'd go with with a seersucker suit, not with your new years black tux), but we have been praising this pair of shades since July, so we thought it'd be fitting for our first post of this nature.

Celeb That Makes Tortoise Shell Look Fly:
  • Daniel Craig as James Bond
Celeb That Sports Wayfarers Like A Boss:
  • Jay-Z

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