Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Site You Need To Know About...Seriously

Don't always ignore those random flyers people hand out or slide underneath your door. A few weeks ago someone stuck one to the door to my apartment that I couldn't help but look into, and boy am I glad that I did. This particular flyer told me to check out a website, and when I see words like men's designer clothing and discount on the same piece of paper, I rarely ignore.

The site was Gilt Man, and I think it is something every man who cares about they way they live needs to sign up for and check out. In the words of the About page of the site, "Think of Gilt Man as a hardware store selling the tools for life: workware, playware, lifeware. Right now we have hundreds of items for sale at up to 70% off their original price: killer stuff at killer value."

Basically a few different labels have a new sale every day, and you can get all kinds of stuff way cheap. This is a resource I am glad I stumbled upon, and if I didn't think my mother would absolutely murder me, I'd be spending her monthly grocery check all on Gilt Man.

GQ creative director Jim Moore describes the best way to take advantage of the site in the April 2010 GQ.

"Each weekday at noon, GiltMan.com rolls out brand-new merchandise from labels like Rag & Bone, Alexander Olch, and Unis. The catch? Everything you put in your shopping cart only stays there for ten minutes. Meaning noon to 12:10 p.m. on GiltMan.com has become the dirtiest, most low-down free-for-all the Internet has seen since Ticketmaster."

"Sign up for the daily e-mails, not the weekly ones. They arrive at 11:57 a.m. and will give clues to what's becoming available."

"Right at noon, log in, and spend five minutes quickly scrolling through the new stock. If there's anything that stands out-anything you'd even consider buying-add it to your cart before it dissappears."

"Now it's 12:05, and you've got a shopping cart full of maybes. Spend the last five minutes deciding which items, if any, you absolutely have to have. Then pull the trigger before the time runs out."

-Jim Moore, Creative Director, Gentlemen's Quarterly.

The best part about Gilt Man? If you refer someone and they sign up, you get $25 credited after their first purchase has shipped! In my opinion this is one of the best websites on the Internet all together. I highly recommend taking full advantage of Gilt Man.

Check out the site HERE to sign up for membership and start taking advantage of their deals.

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Anonymous said...

hautelook.com is pretty similar to gilt..it's worth a look