Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Angry

Hey Penn State! On the drive home from Michigan this weekend I stumbled upon this article in the Detroit Free Press by Mitch Albom. It covers some of the atrocities happening on Wall Street right now with a few of the financial institutions bailed out by the U.S. government (i.e. us). Mitch Albom does a spectacular job of dumbing down complex problems, cutting through the fog and getting right to the point. Even if you don't follow nor understand the economy, give this a read and you will most likely understand the issues as explained by Albom. I feel that it's very important our younger generation understands what is happening right now (I know we don't because if we do, we'd be burning down buildings on Wall Street). It's nice that the government is attacking problems like executive pay, but the root problem still stands that these banks are getting passes (and taxpayers dollars) that you and I don't. Fair? Nope! Look, I agree that what the government is trying to do is good, but they are just trying to appease the public and draw our attention away from the real problems (banks deemed too-big-to-fail are even bigger, the same issues that got us into this mess). Pay close attention to the first two, and last two paragraphs; if it gets your blood boiling, join the club. Enjoy...

Mitch Albom, "Bankers dislike pay cuts? Join the club"

Mike Donchez

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