Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ernie's Steaks...Penn State's Best Cheesesteak

Ernie's is located on Beaver Ave. right next to the Phyrst, and if you're not looking for it you might actually miss it, (I walked right by it when I was on my way there Saturday night). All week my friend Kenny had been telling me about this place so by Saturday night we were all dying to try it. All I can say is that I am so glad I took Kenny's words to heart. This was the best cheesesteak I have tasted at Penn State. Not only that, but they also have the best wings too. I am not just saying that, Ernie's has the best cheesesteak, and best wings you can find at Penn State. The guy working (Who knew Kenny already because it was his 3rd trip in 2 days), threw an entire steak on the grill, which I thought was pretty awesome, and I'm not from Philly (Thank God) so until Mike told me tonight I didn't know this was the norm over at Geno's and Pat's I mean this sandwich was hearty, and the wings were just how I like 'em. To be honest I don't know how many readers we have at this point, but if you're reading this, go get food from Ernie's TODAY. You won't be sorry.

Here's how my cheesesteaks rank this year, got any suggestions? Leave a Comment!
  1. Ernie's
  2. Grillers
  3. Eb's
  4. P.S. Sub Shop #1
  5. Fresh Harvest


Anonymous said...

As a guy who went to school in Philadelphia and not at State Penn, there is no such thing as cheesesteaks outside of Philly. Everything else is a steak sandwich, or sammich if you're Ben.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon. above 100%. I'm surprised Ben didn't list Subway on his list of best "cheesesteaks"

Anonymous said...

you have to try BRADLEY'S!!!

Ben Boskovich said...

Will Do!

Anonymous said...

It's a good list for state college. Anonymous #2, if we were in Philadelphia the list would obviously be different. We have to work with what we are given. I'm hungry. Let's eat.

Anonymous said...

Bradley's definitely should be at the top of that list.