Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is Falling, But Bad Habits Still Arise

As I walked along College Ave today (without my camera unfortunately) I started looking around like I always do to see what people were wearing. It seems like the fact that the weather has changed has really brought out the best in people's ideas. Unfortunately it has brought out the worst as well, or at least a bad habit that you see EVERY YEAR. Just as I saw about 80% of the girls walking wearing this, Mike texted read, "We can't take pics of spandex tho. No spandex, [especially] the new denim colored tights! wtf." My thoughts exactly. One of my very close friends reminds me frequently about her feelings on this as well. She says, "Leggings are not a substitute for pants." I have to admit, as a guy, seeing a good looking girl wearing a pair of leggings instead of pants isn't the worst part of my day, but sartorially girls, it has to stop. Of course this is only my opinion, and Mike's...and Jess', but I feel like leggings should be used for function, not fashion. I know its getting cold out and that's a good excuse to wear them, but the fact is, I rarely see girls wearing them with a top that goes farther than their waist or thighs. Leggings are great to wear underneath to keep you warm, and I don't think I'd mind seeing a girl showing off her leggings if it were only from just above the knee down, but honestly, most of the time you look like a baby when they have a big diaper on under their pants, and pampers hasn't come out with a thong yet, so I dunno if that solves the problem anyway. In the end, I'm a guy, and Its hard to get into a girl's head and see why she is wearing what she's wearing. And hey, I'm not saying I know much about women's fashion, but in the end.....Isn't it us guys that you're dressing to impress anyway????.......Don't say no, you know it is

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Andrew said...

If a girl believes it is absolutely necessary to her college experience to wear tights, (b/c lets face it, wearing tights as a substitute for pants doesn't really work in the real world), then they should at least be light blue so they all look like they walked out of the Smurf village.

Secondly, if I remember my days in Happy Valley, there is an epidemic of magic mirrors being sold and installed in the student housing at Penn State. Remember girls....just b/c tights are one size fits all, doesn't mean they are for all.