Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey everyone,

I thought Mike had a good idea of a little intro to everyone so here goes nothing. My name is Ben Boskovich and I'm a junior, journalism major at The Pennsylvania State University with minors in Economics and Business. I previously attended Slippery Rock University, where I worked for the school's newspaper, The Rocket. After working for the paper for a year I decided being a reporter really wasn't for me, and even now I think I joined the blog game too late, but hey, everyones doin' it so I should too, haha. Anyway, I have been a subscriber to GQ for about 3 years and my favorite aspect of the magazine is the highly respected editorials of Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialist. I didn't realize until earlier this year that this editorial column in GQ started as a blog that still runs today. Even before I knew about this blog, while reading GQ and looking through the ads in the beginning, I always thought, "Who really dresses like this?", and always caught myself analyzing people I saw on the streets. Then I read Scott's bio on his blog explaining how he had done the same while he worked in the fashion industry. I wanted to bring the STATEtorialist to Penn State because I think it will be cool to show people how college students can still look really good on the daily, on a college student's budget. Like Scott, I want to share what REAL people are wearing on the streets, and since this is where I reside 9 months of the year, this is where I'll be looking. If nothing else, I think this will be fun for Mike and I to have something else to do for fun besides homework and taking advantage of our attendance of the #1 Party School in the nation, but the truth is...there's some people on these streets that actually have some swagger, and we wanna find 'em. Stay tuned for pictures, commentary, and rants on everything from sports to the financial world. I hope eventually this blog can be on someone else's bookmarks besides mine and Mike's.



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