Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From "The College Minds"...Pattern Of The Month

Just a little syndication from my column on The College Minds.

April is only a day a way, which means it will soon be officially acceptable to wear anything pastel and with Easter Sunday approaching, don't be alarmed, you're vision is not distorted, many people will in fact be rockin' the purple. The first few weeks of Spring are a gold mine for new styles and a great time to notice people being innovative (they've had all winter to think about what they're going to wear on that first 60+ day. We've had a few of them already here in State College, and I'm no meteorologist, but it seems that the sun is here to stay. Generally, different seasons are associated with different colors, but colors aren't the only thing that change along with the seasons. Different patterns emerge when the official start of a new season has passes on the calendar. So for a new segment I am going to call "Pattern of the Month", I'll tell you about a different print every month that your sure to see more of when you step outside. April's Pattern of the Month-Gingham.  


If you didn't know what gingham was, look above this sentance. Gingham is like the younger, more fun brother of plaid. It's a pattern that is eye-catching, and if you pick the right color, you can really make a gingham item very versatile. My personal favorite use is to wear a gingham dress shirt under a suit. You can all different kinds of ties with a gingham shirt, but my advice is to stick to the two extremes (Very busy or Solid). Let's face it though, we don't wear too many suits too often up here in Happy Valley. Rockin' a gingham dress shirt with a nice pair of khaki shorts, Sperry's and some sunglasses is the perfect look for those first few weeks of hot weather. Gingham stands out and draws attention, but doesn't draw too much like some patterns such as paisley. For a solid, cheap gingham shirt, check out American Eagle. They usually have a few on the clearance rack. Basically you can find gingham by most brands, and it varies too. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so find the right sized square that goes with the outfit (For the record, I'm personally not a fan of the giant-squared ones).

It's April, kids. Sport the gingham

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