Monday, November 9, 2009

"God's Work"

Lloyd Blankfein believes Goldman Sachs is doing "God's work". If God was on Goldman's side, I don't think He would have needed TARP money. This is a sad joke and I truly hope Blankfein chose his words incorrectly and isn't being serious. Amidst the controversy over the size of GS's employee compensation and the general discontent of Main St. towards Wall St., Blankfein found it appropriate to declare that GS serves a "social purpose." All of this commentary coming from an interview with London's Sunday Times. Blankfein says they're doing social work. "Social work," eh? Well to those who have lost their jobs recent and who's monthly budgets cost less than Lloyd's shoes, this social work hasn't quite helped society. Also, these guys sure get paid a lot for doing social work, don't you think? Well, maybe it's not such a great deal. My cousin Ron joked that aside from the humongous salaries public school teachers make in the south Bronx, they also get a 10% discount at the museums! Now THAT is a great deal. I don't know what it is with these executives, but Jeffrey Skilling (ex-CEO of Enron) also believed that he was "on the side of angels."

So, let me recap. Lloyd says that he and his crew are doing "God's work" and are serving a social purpose. He is equating GS and himself to likes of any Saint, and great social workers like Martin Luther King, Jr. My brother, Pete, had a great idea; maybe we should conduct a re-vote of the Nobel Peace Prize and give it to Blankfein instead of Obama. According to Lloyd, he is just continuing the work of Mother Teresa, the hand of God.

It's scary, they have lost touch with reality. The culture that they live in surrounded by like-minded people and their money has made them believe they really are adding something to society. Sheesh.



Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

The culture and furtherance of this mentality of worldly importance that Lloyd Blankfein is purporting is just a furtherance of the education and values created at the Ivy League institutions these "glorified souls" all attended.

Anonymous said...

Ah...the forgotten minority - the absurdly rich. Its a shame to see an article that discriminates against minorities.