Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall and Winter College Fashion

Hey Everyone! Ben and Mike here and we want to give a simple run-down of the "must-haves" for guys this winter in Happy Valley. Of course, this is only a small guide and doesn't encompass everything you'll need to look good, but it's a great start with some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Dark Jeans-These go with every look and are especially good for the winter. Dark Jeans match tons of different types and colors and are not only functional in the winter. So these will do you good all year round. You can rock them with a plain white tee shirt to class, or with a button down and jacket to dress up.
Our Favorite: Levi's 501 Original

Cords- A nice way to mix it when you get tired of jeans. Jeans can sometimes be boring, while cords can stand out, but aren't over the top stand-outish like plaid or seersucker. Cords work in the winter because there are a lot of boot styles that look good with them. Cords are a good utility look as well

A Good Peacoat- For a good college look, get a peacoat thats well fitted to you (This looks better and also keeps you warmer). There are a lot of styles to choose from, but you can't go wrong with the classic military look. Anchors on the buttons giving homage to the navy doesn't hurt either.

A North Face Jacket: Penn State is no stranger to inclement weather, which makes The North Face the most necessary item on this whole list. Let's face it, the peacoat wont always keep you dry, so for the nasty, sub-zero days with wind and all sorts of precipitation, go with The North Face.

A Variery of Neutral Colored Sweaters: Pretty self explanatory. There are so many ways to rock a sweater, so your best bet is to have a variety, and keep them of neutral colors so it's easy to mix and match. Wear a v-neck with a white crew neck tee underneath, or a half zip with a button down collared shirt underneath. Really when it comes to sweaters and layering it's hard to go wrong. In addition, a good blazer could have the same function and be warm enough come winter.
Our Favorite Crew Neck: J.Crew Cotton Cashmere Crewneck
Our Blazer Of Choice: BDG Shrunken Blazer

Pretty Much Any J.Crew Secret Wash Shirt: The J.Crew secret wash shirt is not only one our favorites for when the weather starts to change, it's our favorite for any occasion. These shirts are so versatile and you don't really need to iron them, which makes them the ideal college-shirt. As far as winter goes, you can't ever go wrong wearing one of these underneath any type of sweater with a pair of jeans, or khakis if the occasion suits them.

Go to J.Crew's Site and pick out your favorites.

In addition to these items it's always good to have a few of the basics as well. These are items like a few Waffle Tees, Wool Caps, Scarves, and a good pair of Boots. <

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